USPS: Postal Service promotes consumer survey

The Postal Service wants more people to complete its consumer surveys, so the organization is asking fewer questions and allowing participants to answer them online, Consumer and Industry Affairs VP Jim Nemec says.

“We do surveys to understand what we are doing well and what we need to improve when it comes to creating a positive customer experience,” Nemec says in his latest Point of View video.

Previously, Point of Sale (POS) surveys were conducted on a quarterly basis, and some surveys had more than 90 questions. The new survey has fewer than 20 questions, which consumers can answer online. Retail receipts include an invitation to participate.

“This gives us the ability to get data faster and react quickly to service issues,” Nemec says.

Retail employees should encourage customers to complete the POS survey.

“The customer experience is woven into every part of this organization,” Nemec says. “It is one of the most important aspects is the retail channel. So it is important for everyone to ask customers to participate in the survey.”

via USPS News Link Story – Postal Service promotes consumer survey.

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