USPS: Post Plan completion date extended – Program keeps Post Offices open by reducing hours


usps-logoThe Post Plan timeline has been extended — with the program now being finalized in early January 2015.

Since the program was announced more than two years ago, 9166 Post Offices have had retail operating hours adjusted based on customer use:

  • 3,009 offices are now 6-hour a day offices
  • 4,900 offices are now 4-hour a day offices
  • 1,257 offices are now 2-hour a day offices

Not all Post Offices had retail hour adjustments — 4,567 offices were upgraded and the Postmasters in these offices were promoted when this initiative began.

The Postal Service is offering a one-time incentive payment up to $10,000 to the remaining impacted Postmasters if they are eligible for and opt to participate in Voluntary Early Retirement (VER); or if they opt to resign from the Postal Service. These Postmasters have until Aug. 18, 2014, to accept this offer with a separation date of Sept. 30, 2014.

Additional information can be found at Our Future Network; click on the links under “Preserving Post Offices.” Postmaster resource information is available on the USPS Organizational Changes page of LiteBlue by logging in with your employee ID and password.


via USPS News Link Story – Post Plan completion date extended.

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