Video: USPS Personnel Files Litter Street Near Whitehall Postal Processing Plant Fire

Whitehall, Ohio (Rob Wells) – A Whitehall woman says she was cleaning up debris that blew into her yard New Year’s Day from a burned out postal facility when she did a double take at what she found.

Jackie Gray said debris and rubble from the Whitehall Postal processing plant has been blowing through her neighborhood since the office went up in flames in December.

Gray said documents she found contained what appears to be the names, addresses and social security numbers from personnel files of U.S. Postal Employees.

Gray said the driveway between her home and the burned out post office contained several charred metal filing cabinets until a scrap collector hauled them away.

Now, she’s worried that employee information may’ve been stored in those cabinets.

Gray said her family contacted the Postal Service to request the mess be cleaned up with no results.

ABC 6 reporter Rob Wells contacted Whitehall Police, who secured the facility then gathered even more personnel files, even employee photo id’s. Police then called the U.S. Postal Service to request a clean up of the site.

via USPS Personnel Files Litter Street Near Plant Fire – WSYX – Breaking News.

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