USPS Operations Policy for Juneteenth Holiday

This memorandum provides general operating policy and holiday planning guidance for the upcoming 2022 Juneteenth Day Holiday (observed on Monday June 20, 2022). Service levels for this holiday are displayed in Exhibit 125.22 in the Postal Operations Manual (POM).

Juneteenth is a non-widely observed holiday, which means that many businesses are open and producing outgoing mail. Delivery Operations will coordinate with plant partners and perform full collections if cancellations are scheduled. Collection times must be performed as close to the last pick up time as possible. Coordinate with Logistics to ensure adequate transportation is scheduled to transport all collected mail. Personnel on duty should check collection boxes at post office, lobby drops and Self-Service Kiosks (SSKs) for overflow on Monday June 20, 2022.

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Observance of Holiday for Career Employees

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