USPS: Open season begins Monday, Nov. 12

Opening soon. Reminder: Open season, the annual period when Postal Service employees can change their health benefits or enroll in a new plan, begins Monday, Nov. 12.

A variety of health, vision and dental coverage is available.

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, the Postal Service will hold the first of four webinars for employees who want to learn more about the available offerings.

Additionally, employees can participate in an online virtual benefits fair throughout this year’s open season, including a live chat with experts Nov. 13 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. EST.

The Open Season LiteBlue page has additional information and resources to help you prepare, including FAQs, informational videos and a link to a health plan comparison tool from Checkbook’s Guide to Health Plans.

Stay open. Speaking of open season: The benefits enrollment period is previewed in the Postal Bulletin’s Nov. 8 issue. The publication also includes the latest updates to policies, procedures and forms.

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2 thoughts on “USPS: Open season begins Monday, Nov. 12

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Philadelphia, PA Area Local #89
    Office held, if any
    Retiree Activist
    John and others,
    Bargaining unit (union) employees are not part of the organization, they are merely hourly rated interval workers. Nobody seems to understand that.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Trenton, NJ
    Office held, if any
    Former Officer
    We at the Trenton NJ P&DC were informed of the FEHB webinars in a service talk earlier this week. We were also reminded that participation in the webinars is of course, strictly limited to employees who are off the clock. This is absolutely reprehensible. This comes right out of the same mouths of the managers who recently made such a big noise about turning over a new page in employee relations by claiming to finally realize that employees are people and not just human capital, not just another asset of the company. It did not take long for the true colors of management to shine through once again.

    To require employees to be off the clock to receive information about something as important as our health benefits is a disgrace and management should hang their collective heads in shame.

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