USPS: Open for business – New center will bring together USPS, entrepreneurs

The Postal Service has opened a center in Philadelphia where local entrepreneurs can learn how to use the mail to grow their businesses.

The Business Solutions Center will showcase the latest postal technology and educate commercial mailers and others about the benefits of using business mail.

The center, located at the Philadelphia P&DC, is the first of its kind in the Postal Service. USPS hopes to open similar centers in other cities.

“This milestone marks the beginning of USPS providing a customer focused business mail acceptance experience using employees trained to answer questions across a variety of topics to help mailers prepare their business mailings,” said Mail Entry and Payment Technology VP Pritha Mehra. “We look forward to extending this program across the nation.”


COO Megan Brennan, who was recently appointed the next PMG, attended the center’s opening, along with Mehra, Eastern Area VP Joshua Colin, Philadelphia District Manager Chu Falling Star and others.

via USPS News Link Story – Open for business.

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