USPS OIG Report: Mail Delivery and Customer Service Operations – Las Vegas


The Sunrise Station is in the Nevada – Utah District of the WestPac Area. The unit has 69 city routes which are delivered by 83 full-time city carriers, four part-time flexible carriers, and 19 city carrier assistants. The Sunrise Station also has 10 full-time clerks and seven postal support employees. We chose the Sunrise Station based on the number of stop-the-clock (STC) scans occurring at the delivery unit, rather than at the point of delivery, and the number of Customer 360 inquiries the unit received related to package tracking and mail delivery delays.

Our objective was to evaluate select mail delivery and customer service operations and determine whether internal controls were effective at the Sunrise Station.

Finding #1: Package Delivery Scanning
Delivery unit employees improperly scanned 31,103 packages at the unit rather than at the delivery point between April and June 2021. A majority of these packages were scanned “Delivered”.

Finding #2: Safeguarding of Assets
Sunrise Station management did not properly manage and safeguard Postal Service assets including Voyager credit cards, arrow lock keys, and mail delivery vehicles.

Finding #3: Inbound Truck Scanning Procedures
Sunrise Station employees did not scan any incoming trailer/truck barcodes (99T) for trucks arriving with mail from the Las Vegas Processing and Distribution Center from July 3 through August 2, 2021. The delivery unit clerk stated he previously scanned all 99T barcodes, but for the past several months the trailers did not have barcodes to scan. However, the incoming trailers we observed during our site visits had the 99T barcode labels and the employees were not scanning these barcodes.

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Source: USPS Office of Inspector General

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