USPS OIG Management Alert – Disposal of the Postal Service’s Pembroke Pines P&DC

This management alert responds to a request from Representative Mario Diaz-Balart’s office on behalf of Broward County, FL, to review the disposal process for the U.S. Postal Service’s Pembroke Pines Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC). The alert addresses the bid negotiation process related to the sale of the Pembroke Pines P&DC.

The Postal Service could have improved its competitive bid negotiation process during the sale of the Pembroke Pines P&DC. CBRE did not consistently communicate with or provide equal opportunities to the City and Broward County regarding their best and final offers for purchasing the Pembroke Pines P&DC. The Postal Service’s current policy does not require it to communicate with potential buyers consistently or provide them the same due dates for submitting their best and final offers.

Based on our review of communications between the Postal Service, CBRE, and the City, we did not identify a conflict of interest between the parties. However, as a government agency, it is important that the Postal Service communicate consistently with all bidders to be fair and impartial in the bid negotiation process and ensure it offers equal bid opportunities. Without consistent communication with bidders, the negotiation process can be perceived as unfair, biased, or inequitable, and can ultimately have a negative impact on the Postal Service’s brand.

Source: USPS Office of Inspector General


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