USPS OIG: Leave Benefits and Paid Holidays Benchmarking

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White Papers – HR-WP-14-001 – 05/01/2014

The Postal Service’s leave benefits have generally remained unchanged for decades, while the leave benefits of the private sector organizations have changed significantly. Although the Postal Service’s leave benefits and paid holidays are comparable in many ways to those offered in the private sector, some differences exist. For example, benchmarked organizations include a combined leave benefits program with fewer leave categories, fewer total days of leave, reduced leave carryover amounts, and restrictions on cashing out leave. Organizations implemented these changes primarily to reduce costs and time employees are away from work.

While the Postal Service might reduce costs by modifying its current leave benefits program, it will likely face several challenges in pursuing any changes. These challenges include legal requirements, union negotiations, updated information technology to support changes, and assessment of the impact of benefit changes on employees. Understanding and addressing these challenges would be critical to successfully implement any modifications to the Postal Service’s current leave benefits program.

via Office of Inspector General | United States Postal Service.

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