USPS OIG: How Does Missent Mail Affect the USPS’s Service Standards?

Project Title: Missent Mail in the U.S. Postal Service
Start Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Estimated Report Release Date: February 2021

Mail is considered missent when it is sent to the wrong processing and distribution center or delivery unit. For example, mail originated in Albany, NY, addressed to Tampa, FL, but was received in San Francisco, CA. In 2019, the OIG surveyed postal managers, and they named missent mail as a top reason the Postal Service is not meeting service standards. This audit will be looking at missent First-Class Letters, First-Class Packages and Priority Mail.

If you are a Postal Service employee OIG auditors would like your input on the following questions:

  • What are the causes of missent mail?
  • What additional costs does the Postal Service incur when mail is missent?
  • What steps can the Postal Service take to reduce missent mail?

PLEASE NOTE: We will not post customer questions or consumer complaints related to delayed/not delivered or misdelivered mail. This Audit Asks forum focuses on feedback from Postal Service employees on mail that has been sent to the wrong processing and distribution center or delivery unit. Concerns about your delayed or misdelivered mail should be directed to Postal Service Consumer Affairs online or by phone at (800) 275-8777.

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