USPS OIG Five Year Strategic Plan ― Fiscal Years 2022-2026

In this Five-Year Strategic Plan for FYs 2022—2026, we present our strategic goals and implementation strategies, which reflect our ongoing effort to align with Postal Service and stakeholder strategies. Our three strategic goals are:

  • Promote Efficiency and Effectiveness of Postal Operations
    • -Make recommendations that enhance service and improve operational economy efficiency and effectiveness.
    • -Explore emerging opportunities and industry best practices and innovations.
  • Foster Integrity by Detecting and Preventing Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in Postal Programs
    • -Conduct investigations and audits that enhance the integrity and security of Postal Service products, services, and people.
    • -Proactively address areas of risk to financial processes, focus on the recovery of improper payments, and highlight industry best practices and innovations.
  • Advance OIG Innovations and Excellence
    • -Respect and develop our people and sustain our performance culture with increasingly challenging and satisfying work that adds value to USPS and supports the OIG’s mission.
    • -Inform and connect the OIG through the use of innovative technology.

The OIG will focus on areas of strategic risk for the Postal Service, including its need to increase revenue, optimize operations and remain competitive in an increasingly challenging marketplace. We will monitor and provide transparency around any changes to the Postal Service’s network and operations, including impacts of the Postal Service’s 10-year plan, Delivering for America. At the same time, our investigations will continue to foster integrity in the postal workforce by detecting and preventing employee fraud and misconduct.

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Source: USPS Office of Inspector General

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