USPS OIG: Do USPS Execs Have the Data They Need for Effective Decision Making?

oig_exec_decisionsPostal Service executives depend on data to manage their business strategies and daily activities. They need efficient access to quality data to ensure they are making the most informed decisions for the organization. We’ve been conducting a series of audits of the data postal officers use. And we’re planning next to focus on the chief operating officer and executive vice president’s (COO) use of data. The COO is responsible for the daily activities of 491,000 career employees working in more than 31,000 facilities supported by a fleet of over 200,000 vehicles.

Are you familiar with the COO’s use of date? How does the COO use data to manage activities and mitigate risk?
Does the COO have the right tools and data to make informed decisions?
What information do you think the COO should focus on for effective decision making?

Project Title: Utilization of Data by the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President (2015)
Start Date: March 31, 2015
Estimated Report Release Date: August 2015

Source: Do Postal Service Executives Have the Data They Need for Effective Decision Making? | Office of Inspector General

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