USPS OIG: Do Mail Schedulers Make Mail Processing More Efficient?

oig_Use-Of-Run-Plan-GeneratorProject Title: Use of Run Plan Generator
Start Date: Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Estimated Report Release Date: December 2016

Process scheduling is widely used in private industry to meet production deadlines, increase efficiency, and reduce machine downtime. The Postal Service uses a process scheduling program called the Run Plan Generator (RPG) to schedule machines that sort the mail by ZIP Code.

The RPG outputs a daily plan that helps the Postal Service process the mail timely and efficiently. The daily plan is based on historical volumes that are adjusted for anticipated fluctuations, the time mail is expected to arrive at the facilities, and the cutoff times for when the mail needs to be dispatched to downstream facilities. It outlines machine throughput targets for how many mailpieces should be processed each hour and machine preventative maintenance requirements.

  • What are the pros and cons of processing mail based on a planned schedule?
  • Does the Postal Service process mail more efficiently by using a machine scheduler in its mail processing facilities?

Source: Do Mail Schedulers Make Mail Processing More Efficient? | USPS Office of Inspector General


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