USPS OIG Audit Project: Have You Ever Used an Approved Shipper?

Audit-Asks-Approved-Shippers-largeProject Title: Approved Shipper Pricing and Customer Service
Start Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Estimated Report Release Date: April 2016

The Approved Shippers Program is one of several Postal Service programs intended to extend the reach of shipping and mailing services so customers can mail letters or ship packages from alternate locations near where they live, work, and shop.

Approved shippers are private retailers with packaging and shipping operations. They may offer a variety of shipping services, including products from the Postal Service and competitors such as FedEx® or UPS®.

  • Were the clerks always available to assist you at the approved shipper location? If not, how long did you wait?
  • Did the approved shipper provide you with information on the various mailing options available from the Postal Service?
  • Were the clerks knowledgeable about the mailing process, i.e. forms for international shipping, tracking availability, delivery options, pricing?
  • Have you heard or experienced any negative talk about the Postal Service from any of the approved shippers clerks?

Source: Have You Ever Used an Approved Shipper? | USPS Office of Inspector General

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