USPS OIG Audit Project: Can the Fleet Credit Card Program be Better Managed?

fleet_credit_cardApril 1, 2015
The Postal Service uses over 180,000 vehicles for delivery operations. Most of these vehicles are fueled regularly by a carrier during the day while on his or her assigned delivery route. Each vehicle has a fleet credit card the carrier uses to pay at the gas station. Fleet credit cards are managed at the Post Office or Station and the charges are reviewed on a regular basis to help ensure they are used for appropriate purchases.

There are some tools in place to help identify potentially questionable purchases using fleet credit cards , such as purchases that are for high dollar amounts or fuel purchases for more gallons of fuel than the vehicle can hold.

Our audit will evaluate how these cards and associated purchases are managed. In addition, we will try to determine whether there are ways to better manage these cards.

What is the best way to ensure credit cards are used only for appropriate purchases?

What other tools should be considered to improve the management of credit cards?

Project Title: Fleet Credit Card Usage in Delivery Operations
Start Date: February 26, 2015
Estimated Report Release Date: August 2015

via Can the Fleet Credit Card Program be Better Managed? | Office of Inspector General.

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