USPS: New system to improve package shipments

The new Automated Package Verification system will allow customers to accurately pay shipping charges.

The Postal Service is introducing an automated system to replace a manual process for detecting postage due on package shipments.

The Automated Package Verification (APV) system will be deployed Aug. 1.

The system allows customers to accurately pay shipping charges for packages sent by Click-N-Ship or PC Postage.

To support the system, mail processing equipment has been updated to weigh and rate packages to detect postage due or overpayments.

The objective is to improve customers’ experiences by eliminating the need to manually collect additional postage through the postage due process.

“USPS is committed to giving every customer an easy and seamless package shipping experience. This system helps us achieve the goal of providing the most transparent and economical pricing possible and ensuring accurate payment for all packages that enter the mail stream,” said Mail Entry and Payment Technology VP Pritha Mera.

All other postage due letters, flats and packages shipped with stamps and meter strips will be handled under existing processes for the collection of additional postage.

Employees who have questions can refer to the stand-up talk on Blue and the Postage Verification section on, or then can send an email to

Source: USPS News Link

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