USPS: Volunteer safety ambassadors receive training

Bianca French and Allen Dent, mail handlers and safety ambassadors at the Cardiss Collins Processing and Distribution Center, discuss their work recently.

Postal Service employees across the nation are learning how to promote safe workplaces through the organization’s new safety ambassadors program.

Safety ambassadors are voluntary positions that help identify and abate hazards, raise awareness of safe work practices, and improve communication on safety matters.

USPS is now training the ambassadors who responded to the organization’s call for volunteers earlier this year.

“Everyone should go home safely — unhurt the way they came to work,” said Bianca French, a mail handler at the Cardiss Collins Processing and Distribution Center and one of more than 300 Chicago District employees who have already completed safety ambassador training.

District Safety Manager Spring Ranking said the program is important because it helps employees become more involved.

“The most improved result has been the communications between management and craft,” she said. “The safety ambassadors program bridges the gap and allows both to work together in unity to improve safety performance.”

The Postal Service is continuing to encourage employees to volunteer for the program.

“This is an opportunity to make a difference for you and your co-workers,” said Safety Manager Linda DeCarlo.

To volunteer, talk to your supervisor. The Safety Toolkit site has more information.

Source: USPS

One thought on “USPS: Volunteer safety ambassadors receive training

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Philadelphia Retiree Chapter
    See APWU News Article: USPS Safety Ambassador Program

    “The American Postal Workers Union does not support, agree with, or endorse this program. Using their latest catch phrase—employee engagement—the Postal Service claims that this program “will focus on employee engagement, training, communication, hazard identification/abatement, and accident reduction.” Having a safe workplace is every worker’s right and you must fight for that right! However, the Safety Ambassador Program appears to be nothing more than an end-around our currently negotiated joint union-management safety procedures.”

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