USPS National Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Week, Oct 17 – 23

Hazards such as neglected icy surfaces or pallets placed in walkways can pose a serious threat to Postal Service™ employees. Last year, the United States Postal Service® reported that 17,534 Postal Service employees were victims of a slip, trip, or fall.

To bring awareness to this issue, USPS® is sponsoring National Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Week, a public service campaign that offers safety tips and emphasizes the impact that slip, trip, and fall incidents have on employees, customers, and the organization. This year’s theme is “Safety: Every STEP of the Way.”

Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention
Last year, most slip, trip, and fall incidents involved mail carriers. Almost half resulted in at least one day away from work. The following tips can help prevent these incidents:

  • Wear proper footwear. Choose high-traction, slip-resistant footwear.
  • Stay away from wet leaves, slippery surfaces, or icy areas whenever possible. Shorten your steps and shuffle your feet when near slippery surfaces.
  • Be alert. On the work room floor or out on the route, things change quickly. Always remain focused, alert, and ready to react to the conditions in front of you.
  • Where available, use handrails or other stable supports. Holding on to something keeps you steady when ascending and descending stairs or entering and exiting vehicles. Keep one hand on the handrail or grab bar, so you can catch yourself if you start to slip.
  • Report hazards. Be diligent about examining your path and work area for hazards. Use PS Form 1767, Report of Hazard, Unsafe Condition or Practice, to report a hazard to your supervisor.

For more information and resources to help prevent slip, trip, and fall incidents, visit

— Occupational Safety and Health,
Employee Resource Management, 8-27-20

Source: USPS

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