(VIDEO) USPS: PMG Donahoe praises improved scanning rates; gives updates on grocery deliveries and Staples

National scanning rates recently reached 96 percent, an important milestone that PMG Pat Donahoe praises in his latest State of the Business video message to employees.

“You are doing an excellent job with scanning. It’s the best we’ve ever done,” he says. Donahoe encourages employees to keep the momentum going by continuing to scan mail and packages properly.

When a mailpiece is scanned “delivered,” it must be actually delivered. Also, when customers are home, carriers must make every attempt to deliver any packages and avoid leaving notices to pick up packages at the Post Office. “It’s our responsibility — it’s our job — to make sure we get that done,” Donahoe says.

Accurate scanning reduces calls to USPS Customer Care Centers and strengthens the Postal Service’s bottom line, Donahoe says.

Four years ago, approximately 10 percent of USPS revenue came from its package business — a number that hit 22 percent this year and is expected to reach 25 percent next year. To continue growing the package business, the Postal Service recently reduced prices for 6- to 20-pound packages. “That will be big for us,” the PMG says.

Donahoe also updates employees on how USPS is testing grocery deliveries in the San Francisco area, and on the Staples Approved Shipper Program.

The PMG concludes by thanking and encouraging employees. “Thanks for everything you do,” he says. “Keep up the great work with scanning and keep up the great work with service.”

via USPS News Link Story – Milestone moment.

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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Cape Girardeau Area Local 4088
    Office held, if any
    Former Local Vice President
    Gee… I see his lips moving… In Cape, we are specifically bypassing the scanning function of our APBS, cross-docking parcels to be sorted manually with SCAN carts in the 4 offices that have them; simply manually in the ones that don’t. Network Rationalization for our rural customers in Southeast Missouri simply means regressing back to a scattered hub network that was in place before the plant was formed over 25 years ago. Maybe my GI Bill will pay for pony riding lessons….

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