USPS Management Foundations Program: Welcome Trainees (video)

(March 7, 2016) The United States Postal Service’s Management Foundations Program is an 18 month, full-time paid rotation program. After the 18 month program, the individual will be placed into a professional position outside the program. As performance goals and expectations are met, trainees will receive a level grade promotion after 12 months and 18 months. The career entry program allows a bridge from college to a full time career. It is a developmental program that fosters professional growth through mentoring relationships. The program will consist of a cohort of approximately 30 other individuals in business units across the organization. This allows a great way to network and learn from others similar to them. The program also provides executive support and exposure. Trainees will rotate through applicable business functions as he/she acquires increasingly more complex levels of knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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