USPS Maintenance Update: District and Plant Response Kits (4/13/20)

From: Vance Zimmerman <>
Sent: Monday, April 13, 2020 10:17 AM
To: Resident Officers
Subject: maintenance update

“Please share with plant and district leadership, operations, maintenance, and other personnel as needed.

HQ Maintenance Operations in coordination with HQ Asset Management have developed two Response Kits in order to conduct the required cleaning procedures for facilities where a positive case COVID-19 has occurred. One is a PLANT Response Kit and the other is a DISTRICT Response Kit dedicated to support facilities outside the plant (stations/branches, associate offices, Vehicle Maintenance Facilities (VMFs), annexes, etc.).

HQ Asset Management will send one Rubbermaid cart to each plant. The cart must be stocked by the plant with the necessary cleaning materials, stored in a secured location, and used specifically when cleaning up any COVID-19 incidents. Other items needed for the Plant Response Kit such as goggles, disposable coveralls, etc. will be shipped to the plants as well. Plants must follow the instructions on the next page to gain access to the MMSC webpage. These instructions will assist sites to obtain the proper cleaning materials needed to stock the Rubbermaid carts.”

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