USPS Labor Relations Manager Jeff Conway affirms all TACS work to be done by Lead Clerk

APWU Maintenance Craft NBA Curtis Walker, Clerk Craft NBA Todd Elkerton, and Industrial Relations Director Charlie Cash participated recently in a Labor Management Meeting in Green Bay, Wisconsin with USPS Labor Relations Field Manager Jeff Conway.

Green Bay Local President Kelly Heaney did not attend as he is out on removal pending arbitration. The workroom floor is hostile and lacking dignity and respect for the workers. The flagrant contract violations contribute to this untenable situation.

Below are the APWU notes from that meeting:
(Of particular note is Item 6: Jeff C. agreed all Lead Clerks should be performing all TACS work. Stated leave entering is being discussed at HQ but is still required to be entered by Lead Clerk.)

Green Bay Labor Management Meeting – 9-27-22

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