APWU: USPS Issues Contact Tracing Policy Update

From: Vance Zimmerman <vzimmerman@apwu.org>
Sent: Monday, July 26, 2021
Subject: July 24, 2021 USPS Contact Tracing Policy Update

Please see the attached Contact Tracing Policy update the Postal Service issued. There are two changes of significance:

  • On Slide 3 the fourth bullet has added that employees who are close contacts must be identified within three (3) days of the employer receiving a notification of a positive case in the facility.
  • On Slide 4, number 16, discusses the ability of an employee to return to work–even if they were a close contact–if they have been vaccinated. —Although this is in line with current relaxed and in the APWU’s opinion–insufficient CDC guidance, the Postal Service has no plans to verify vaccination status of close contacts. When asked how this would be enforced the Postal Service answer was that it would be the honor system–the employee would be taken at their word and would not actually have to prove that they had been vaccinated.

The APWU does not agree with this position and believes that employees identified as close contacts should be required to quarantine unless they can prove/verify their vaccination status.

Please Disseminate.

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USPS Close Contact Tracing Program – July 2021

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