USPS is Hiring Temporary COVID-19 Clerks

The USPS has posted lots of temporary “Clerk Assistant” and “Mail Processing Assistant” jobs (aka Casuals) to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Very few are being posted for annuitants. Attached are some examples.

The MOU Temporary Exception Period – Clerk Craft Staffing says career clerks and PSEs “will be utilized up to the maximum hours allowed.” Does that mean non-ODL FTR clerks in these offices are limited to 8 hours/day or 10 hours/day? This MOU will likely be extended to the beginning of peak season.

There is no limit to how many temporary “Clerk Assistant” and “Mail Processing Assistant” can be hired. No other crafts have a similar MOU, which is curious. Is persistent understaffing of clerk craft jobs being rewarded?

First Name: Don
Last Name: Cheney
Union/Local: APWU – Auburn WA Local
Office held if any: Retired President

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