USPS has updated its WOS Time Factors for RSS Offices

From: Sam Lisenbe <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2022
Subject: USPS has updated its WOS Time Factors for RSS Offices

APWU Family,

Attached is the February 2, 2022 notification letter that the USPS has updated its Window Operations Survey (WOS) time factors for RSS offices. This is strictly for informational purposes only, as the Clerk Craft’s position has not changed in regard to earned hours, which is not contractual, versus work hours, which is identified in Article 37.3.A.1 as one of the reasons that the Postal Service must make every effort to create desirable duty assignments. I have also attached a string of emails that Lamont sent to the field in January of 2018 in which the USPS’s Rickey Dean stated that these types of applications are “simply a mechanism by which the field can access current data regarding staffing and/or complement” and the “… usage of the applications has no impact on wages, hours, or working conditions of bargaining unit employees. These are merely internal management tools aimed at providing readily available data and ensuring compliance with postal regulations and the collective bargaining agreements”.

Finally, I have attached two regional-level arbitration awards (Pecklers and McKee) in which the arbitrators completely rejected the Postal Service’s attempts to justify the use of “earned hours” rather than the “all available work hours” language in Article 37.3.A.1.

Please share with your Local and State leaders.

In Solidarity,

Sam Lisenbe
Assistant Director
Clerk Craft

February 2, 2022 notification letter

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