USPS: Handle Election Mail, Political Campaign Mail properly


Green Tag 191 and Red Tag 57

The Postal Service is reminding employees of the differences between the tags for Political Campaign Mail and Election Mail.

Red Tag 57, for Political Campaign Mail, may be used on campaign mailings by registered political candidates and organizations engaging in issue advocacy or voter mobilization.

Green Tag 191, for domestic and international ballots, may only be used to identify ballot mail addressed for domestic or international delivery.

To make sure this mail is promptly processed and delivered on time, employees should follow these tips:

  • Look for mail containers identified with Tag 57 or Tag 191 and handle them properly.
  • Use Tag 191 to identify ballot mail only.
  • Because Political Campaign Mail and absentee ballot mail are time sensitive, never delay processing it until the next day.
  • If this mail isn’t identified with a tag, attach the appropriate tag before processing. Report problems with Political Campaign Mail or absentee ballot mail to your supervisor.

The Election Mail and Political Campaign Mail site [on Blue] has more information.

Via: USPS News Link

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