USPS: Follow the rules for postal computers

Postal Service policy allows for personal use of USPS equipment — with limits.

The Postal Service wants employees to follow its rules on using USPS-issued computers and mobile devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Here’s what you should know:

Postal equipment should be used for postal business. However, the organization’s policy allows for limited personal use of USPS equipment, as well as office equipment and supplies.

For example, under the policy, you can use a postal printer to print a two-page dinner recipe. You can also use your USPS computer to check the latest sports scores during your lunch break.

Some activities are prohibited whether you’re on duty or not. These include creating, viewing, sending or receiving sexually explicit content; gambling; working for an outside employer; completing work for an outside business; and engaging in partisan political activity.

Management Instruction EL-660-2009-10, Limited Personal Use of Government Office Equipment and Information Technology, explains the policy in detail.

If you have questions or need guidance, email the Ethics Office at

Source: USPS

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