USPS: FFVs should run on alternative fuel

E85 pump nozzles are typically yellow for easy identification.

The Postal Service is reminding its employees who drive for the organization that flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) are required by law to operate on alternative fuel rather than gasoline.

Almost all FFVs in the postal fleet are E85s. How do you know if you’re driving one?

• Check the gas cap. Most alternative-fuel vehicles have yellow caps.

• Check the fuel door. Some vehicles have labels on the door indicating the fuel type.

• Look for badges or labels on the vehicle’s body. Most alternative-fuel vehicles have the terms “FFV,” “E85 FFV” or “Flex Fuel” on badges attached to their rear or side.

FFV drivers should check with their supervisors to find nearby alternative-fuel stations. An E85 pump may be located at a stand-alone site, or under a separate canopy from conventional fuels. E85 pump nozzles will typically be yellow for easy identification.

U.S. Department of Energy waivers may be granted for an FFV if alternative fuel is either not reasonably available or is unreasonably more expensive than gasoline. Check with your manager for details about the waiver criteria, or if you are unsure if your vehicle has received a waiver.

The Postal Service recently distributed a stand-up talk to remind employees of the rules surrounding FFVs. Employees who have questions should speak to a manager or supervisor.

Source: USPS

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