USPS: Ethics Awareness Week – Aug. 15-19

USPS is routinely voted the nation’s most trusted government organization.

August 12, 2022
The Postal Service is holding Ethics Awareness Week from Aug. 15-19 to educate employees about the importance of conducting themselves with integrity.

Postal employees hold positions of public trust. The organization is routinely voted as the most trusted government organization.

“Losing the public’s trust affects the business because postal customers have the option of utilizing a competitor,” said Natalie Bonanno, the Postal Service’s chief ethics and compliance officer. “Maintaining the highest ethical standards is essential to driving positive business results.”

Postal employees can help the organization maintain the public’s trust by:

Avoiding conflicting financial interests.

Acting impartially.

Not soliciting or accepting gifts from customers.

Only using postal property for authorized purposes.

Only using postal time in an honest effort to perform postal duties.

The Ethics and Legal Compliance team has several resources available: live annual ethics training sessions, an internal ethics website, a public ethics website and an ethics app for smartphones, available in the USPS app store.

Employees who have ethics questions can email

Source: USPS

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