USPS: Employees’ children featured in safety effort

Tucson, AZ, Retail Associate Robert Ramirez and Rural Carrier Doreen Mielke stand near a poster that shows their daughter.

The Tucson, AZ, Post Office is using posters of employees’ children to remind them to be safe on the job.

The posters are displayed at Tucson’s 12 delivery units in areas frequented by letter carriers before they begin their routes.

Each durable poster features photos of children and grandchildren submitted by employees along with message: “Your safety matters” and “Will you be coming home safe tonight?”

Tucson Postmaster Bill Schwartz helped develop the campaign after seeing similar efforts at other workplaces. “I wanted our employees to have a significant emotional experience in a positive way when they see these signs,” Schwartz said. “I wanted it to be something more [than] just a ‘Wear your seat belt’ sign.”

The posters remind all employees that safety should be a priority every day, Schwartz said.

Letter Carrier Lindsey Diaz, whose 5-year-old son Demien is pictured on a poster, said it’s an effective campaign.

“It’s not some random picture or message,” Diaz said.

“It is somebody you know, which makes it more personal. What mom doesn’t want to see their children’s face on their way out to the route?”

Source: USPS News Link

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