USPS employees can use LiteBlue to update emergency contact information

USPS employees can use the Life Changes LiteBlue page to update their emergency contact information.

April 5, 2023
The Postal Service relies on employees to keep their contact information up to date on LiteBlue.

USPS needs this information not only for general employee communications but also for important messages about enhanced security measures, organizational changes, emergency events and more.

It is critical that employees update and maintain the following:

Address of record;

Name changes; and

Emergency contact information.

It is also important for employees to keep their email address up to date within their LiteBlue self-service profile settings. This address will be used to validate any changes made to their self-service profile account.

Keeping this information current ensures that employees receive communications that directly affect them.

Employees will find instructions on updating their personal information by logging into LiteBlue and selecting Life Changes.

Instructions on Updating Personal Information

Source: USPS

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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU South Suburban Facility Local
    Email Address

    Got kicked off LiteBlue last week. I can login only while at work. Multifactor Authorization is a failure. “Keeping Employees Connected” motto is not true. Thousands of employees see “Device or location not recognized” when trying to login. I cannot do anything while not at work.

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