USPS: Employee sets personal record on sorting machine


Nashua, NH, Clerk Frank LaRoche wears his #PostalProud shirt while inducting mail at the Processing and Distribution Center.

A Northern New England District employee recently showed his postal pride by setting a personal record for quickly sorting mail.

Nashua, NH, Clerk Frank LaRoche inducted 1,620 mailpieces in one hour on a parcel sorting machine last week — breaking his previous record of 1,506 pieces.

Typically, the machine is fed about 700 pieces an hour.

“Frank is the epitome of an engaged employee,” said P&DC Manager Kristen Kiernan. “He rallied his co-workers into a throughput competition and takes great pride in the speed of his work.”

LaRoche was recognized by postal leadership for his productivity and presented with a “We Are #PostalProud” T-shirt.

Said Kiernan: “His example of being #PostalProud demonstrates how productive USPS can be by working more efficiently to serve our customers better.”

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One thought on “USPS: Employee sets personal record on sorting machine

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Philadelphia Area Local - Retiree Chapter
    Office held, if any
    Member / Activist
    USPS mgmt’s continual and systemic lack of dignity and respect to the employees (as demonstrated by lack of cba compliance, lack of safety compliance, lack of federal law compliance and the overall toxic work environment due to incompetency, corruptness and criminality inherent and pervasive in the agency management culture) understandably does not motivate most on the workfloor to “bust their ass” for the employer. I would hope most of us can’t be bought for a t-shirt. Please, never forget, you are only as good as your last clock ring with the dysfunctional agency.

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