USPS: Effort to find tractor-trailer operators continues

Tractor-trailer operators transport mail and packages from processing and distribution centers to other USPS facilities.

March 15, 2022
The Postal Service is continuing a pilot program to add more tractor-trailer operators, who play an important role in the organization by transporting mail and packages from processing and distribution centers to other facilities in the USPS network.

The program, which began last year, is geared toward motor vehicle operators (MVOs) who have a Class A commercial learner’s permit and wish to become tractor-trailer operators.

USPS works with Sage Truck Driving Schools, a national training company, to offer approximately 152 hours of curriculum to train volunteer MVOs.

Once an MVO completes the courses and required licensing, he or she spends 80 hours operating tractor-trailers for the Postal Service.

MVOs who meet expectations will have an opportunity to move into a tractor-trailer operator role permanently.

The program, which was previously available at select locations, is now available to all eligible MVOs across the nation.

MVOs who want more information should speak to their facility’s transportation manager or Human Resources office.

Source: USPS

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