USPS: Early success – Equipment management system deployed

A new system to request and track Mail Transport Equipment (MTE) is receiving strong reviews from local mailers.

More than 1,800 local mailers have registered to use the Mail Transport Equipment Ordering System (MTEOR) since it began in Pacific, Great Lakes, Eastern and Southern areas. Approximately $25 million worth of MTE has been requested from postal plants in those areas.

The system allows local mailers to order and track MTE, including sacks, trays and pallets from their desired postal plant. It also allows plants to manage MTE requests online, track equipment status and identify potential issues.

“It’s much easier to place an order online instead of calling a phone number and having to leave a message,” one local mailer said.

Northeast, Capital Metro and Western areas will receive MTEOR in phases through the remainder of 2014. The system was launched for large mailers in the fall of 2012.

Moving mailers and plants to online MTE management is part of the Postal Service’s commitment to innovation.

via USPS News Link Story – Early success.

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