USPS: Dock Employees Supervision Change Notice to APWU, NPMHU

Dear Mark,

This is in further reference to he Postal Service’s previous correspondence (copies enclosed), concerning the implementation of a new organizational structure that separates Logistics from Mail Processing and Maintenance. The most recent notice was dated January 8.

As previously informed, all Expeditors and Ramp Clerks will report to a designated Logistics management official. This change in reporting structure for these bargaining unit employees will streamline dock operations and help to move mail and packages efficiently to delivery units.

Please be advised that this operational change will be implemented this Saturday, January 16. Enclosed are a stand-up talk (SUT) and a Questions and Answers document concerning this change.

Please contact Mike Faber at 215-432-0613 if you have any questions concerning this matter.


Shannon R. Richardson
Contract Administration (APWU)

USPS January 12, 2021 Notification Letter

USPS January 12, 2021 Stand Up Talk

USPS Questions and Answers

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