USPS District Mgmt Bulletin: Avoiding Improper Reporting Relationships

(This is complete CMA BS.  Many facilities would have no management at all if it weren’t for the rampant cronyism and nepotism that permeates the EAS and PCES ranks at all levels of the USPS agency.  Please reply on this site with your thoughts, experiences, opinions, etc.  – Thanks, RZ)

“The USPS and the Long Island District want to ensure that we maintain the employee confidence in the integrity of Postal selections to non-bargaining positions.  Postal Managers and other non-bargaining employees may not be involved in or interfere in any with the selection of their relatives to Postal non-bargaining positions. They cannot recommend the hiring, employment, or promotion of a relative or interfere with the selection process in any way that may benefit a relative or show any expressions of interest that may be construed as an impropriety. [EL-312, Section 513]”


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One thought on “USPS District Mgmt Bulletin: Avoiding Improper Reporting Relationships

  1. Nepotism cases are rarely mentioned in the newspaper, but here is one. District Manager Katherine Nash promoted her sister, Joan Warrington, to EAS-21 Postmaster, Gig Harbor WA from Federal Way Station Manager in Auburn WA:

    “Joan Warrington raised her right hand and took the oath as the new postmaster at the Gig Harbor Post Office last Thursday. In doing so, she fulfilled a goal she had when she started as a city letter carrier in 1994. Warrington was sworn in by her sister, District Manager Katherine Nash.”

    See: New GH Postmaster has come full circle: Gig Harbor leader started out in the mail room

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