USPS: Customers asked to obey rules on Tax Day

USPS wants customers to obey the rules that prohibit leafleting on postal property.

USPS is reminding employees to provide safe and convenient access to postal property for all customers on Tax Day, which is Tuesday, April 17.

Here are some tips:

  • Postmasters should make sure customers and others obey regulations on permissible activities. No one should obstruct entrances or impede public access to postal property.
  • Soliciting contributions or collecting signatures on petitions is prohibited under part 232 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Leafleting and distributing literature in lobbies or other interior areas of postal buildings is also prohibited.

These regulations apply to all property under the charge and control of USPS, including walkways leading to postal buildings. Employees with questions about permissible activities at their facilities should contact the Postal Inspection Service.

Poster 7, Rules and Regulations Governing Conduct on Postal Service Property, has additional information.

Source: USPS

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