USPS committed to Zero Tolerance Policy

USPS is reminding employees that the organization has a zero tolerance policy regarding workplace threats and violence.

February 8, 2022
The Postal Service is committed to cultivating a positive and safe work environment that’s free of threats, intimidation, bullying and violence for all employees.

To help fulfill this commitment, a threat assessment team is available to respond to threats, assaults and potential violence at all USPS locations. These teams are located at district and area offices and USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

Team members are trained to assess the danger or harm of threats, whether implied or direct. The goals are to reduce risks to employees and the Postal Service, discourage inappropriate behavior and resolve conflicts.

If you’ve been threatened or believe you’re in a potentially unsafe situation that involves a co-worker, contractor, customer or management — or if you’re experiencing a domestic violence situation that could pose a threat in the workplace — notify your immediate supervisor, the local threat assessment team and the Postal Inspection Service.

The zero tolerance policy and reporting procedures are distributed by every district, area and headquarters by the end of March each year at all USPS locations.

All facilities must permanently post the policy on bulletin boards and in other prominent locations. The Postal Service wants all managers and supervisors to deliver a stand-up talk to employees to ensure they know how to contact their local threat assessment team.

The USPS social media policy stipulates that the use of social media must abide by all postal policy concerning appropriate conduct and threats of violence in the workplace.

Report emergency situations to the Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455 or call 911. The Postal Inspection Service number is monitored 24/7.

Source: USPS

2 thoughts on “USPS committed to Zero Tolerance Policy

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    Zero Tolerance only applies to craft employees. When it comes to management they circle the wagons when it is one of their own being accused. They do not see themselves as employees. Their so called investigations are a sham. Trust has been lost. There was a time when people showed integrity and weeded out the bad apples.
    Those days are over.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
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    This is nothing more than “window dressing” – empty promises, complete bullshit – but it sure sounds good doesn’t it?

    I’m currently an EEOC Complainant Representative on a couple of Zero Tolerance Policy cases for APWU Members. When those cases have been adjudicated and finalized I will report back on this site what transpired (if no objection from Complainants). The level of lies and deceit and retaliation from the Agency (USPS) astounds even me!

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