USPS: Collection boxes receive clean-up, restoration

Rushville, IN, Retail Associate Michelle Rihm opens a newly installed collection box.

Greater Indiana District is sprucing up one of the Postal Service’s most recognizable symbols — its blue collection boxes.

Employees recently inspected boxes throughout the district and identified about 500 that need to be restored or replaced.

“The seasons are hard on them leaving faded paint and rust over time,” said Indianapolis Maintenance Operations Manager Richard Dayhuff.

District maintenance technicians apply new labels and clean up restored boxes. The new boxes are painted with graffiti-resistant paint.

“[They] should look nice for years to come,” Dayhuff said.

Chief Operating Officer David Williams said the district’s initiative is part of the Postal Service’s broader customer service efforts.

“Everything our customers see must reflect the promise of our brand,” he said.

Customers also approve.

“Reactions have been absolutely positive,” said Rushville, IN, Customer Services Supervisor Jeff Jarrett. “They’ve said things like … ‘The boxes out front look amazing.’”

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One thought on “USPS: Collection boxes receive clean-up, restoration

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    American Legion Ash Fork Arizona
    Office held, if any
    Email Address

    Unserviceable should be made available to Veterans Organizations like the American Legion for Worn American Flag collection boxes.

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