USPS: Check it out – Undeliverable checks process improved

return_to_sender_checksA Lean Six Sigma (LSS) team saved the Postal Service more than $560,000 this year by improving the way undelivered business mail checks get processed.

usps-mail-recovery-centerThe Mail Recovery Center (MRC) in Atlanta is responsible for determining the final delivery point for undelivered mail, including business mail checks. The process for handling these checks was complex, resulting in a nine-month backlog.

The LSS team fixed the problem by eliminating 13 steps in the previous process and showing how underutilized scanning capabilities could quicken check processing. These changes allowed the MRC to clear the backlog in 27 days at a rate of 1,976 checks per day — almost three times the number of checks processed under the old method.

The Postal Service uses the LSS improvement process to streamline delivery, operations and other functions. Last year, an LSS team made other mail-recovery improvements, including adjusting workflow configurations.

via USPS News Link Story – Check it out.

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