US Postal Management’s Dysfunctional and Failing Culture

By: Mark Jamison; A retired Postmaster having served the town and community of Webster, N.C. Mark can also be read on Save The Post Office, a blog discussing the state of the USPS.


Over the years, Congress has held hearings about the toxic postal work environment but they never amount to very much. In all the discussion over the last five years over about the Postal Service’s business model, it’s cash flows, it’s finances, and it’s long term liabilities; there has been virtually no attention paid to the fundamental lack of competence embodied in the culture of postal management. Toxic work environments are only part of the problem. Processing plant closures and arbitrary methods of scheduling have created situations where carriers are delivering mail late into the night. There are reams of OIG reports demonstrating wasteful and dishonest practices by postal management.

The Right tells us the privatizing the Postal Service is the answer; but, the current management of the Postal Service has already done everything they can to act like a private corporation. The treatment of employees at the Postal Service is a reflection of our disdain for the human element of labor across society. Regardless of what changes are made to the postal business model the plain and simple fact is that those changes will result in failure because the Postal Service has a corrupt and largely incompetent management culture. Mail delivered somewhat efficiently is more a testament to the efforts and pride of the hundreds of thousands of clerks, carriers, and mailhandlers that care about their communities; that and simple inertia.

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