One thought on “UPDATED (2/6/15): USPS Network Rationalization Consolidations

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU ,Louisville,Ky.
    This is all well and good but since I don’t trust “ANY” politician I have to have a wait and see attitude. Lexington ,Kentucky Post Office is supposedly scheduled to close this month. Yet I think if they do this our Branch won’t be able to handle the mail as they think they can. For cry n out loud they can’t keep track of our mail now let alone have enough containers on hand to service customers or load mail into. They have bosses who have their head up their butts so far they don’t give a rats ass what goes out and when,or even getting the mail into the plant is a problem now! The Priority mail coming in on the plane is like 20% lower than usual and we still don’t have containers(BMC) to load it into to bring it to the plant. If you ask where they are they just shrug their shoulders and say don’t know! There is no communication or any real organization. They want our branch to fall on it’s face !

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