Update from All-Craft Conference on APWU-USPS Contract Negotiations

Here is a recap on what was discussed at the 2015 APWU All-Craft Conference concerning the APWU-USPS contract negotiations:
The USPS proposals unacceptable to APWU are:

  1. Third tier of career employment.
  2. COLA lump sum payments instead of rolling into pay rate
  3. More employee contributions to healthcare premiums.

good_contract_apwuThere were lots of Tentative Agreements reached that are very positive, especially for the Maintenance craft.

APWU will try and get the USPS to agree to the Tentative Agreements and just have the arbitrator decide on the pay package (the 3 issues enumerated above).

We can expect to pick arbitrator in November, case to start in January and have a decision by June or July. Negotiators will continue talking to USPS and try and come to agreement in the meantime.

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