Union Officers Say, ‘Vote YES!’ – What happened to this 2011 Video?

Web News Article #: 030-2011
03/21/2011 – The APWU National Executive Board voted unanimously last week to approve the union’s Tentative Agreement with the Postal Service, and in a video for APWU members, officers working at the organization’s Washington DC headquarters urged members to ‘Vote YES!’ The NEB vote was conducted via a telephone poll.

Source: Union Officers Say, ‘Vote YES!’ | APWU

APWU recently removed this video from YouTube. I think we all know why.  I demand it be put back and urge you to do likewise. It was produced and distributed with membership dues money.  It belongs to the rank and file.  It is part of our history. If anyone happened to download it in any format, please email it to me (or a link to where I can download it). – Thanks, RZ

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