One thought on “Unemployment Compensation for Postal Workers

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    I received PA UC during one of my removals. I refused to go to work while there was another employee threatening my life on a daily basis. I was ready, willing and able to work in a SAFE environment. My doctors advised me NOT to work until the aggressor had been removed.

    Labor Relations sent a team to my Hearing. They walked out very smug after my cross examinations, quite sure they were victorious. The PA UC referee ruled in my favor within 24 hours. LR appealed that ruling and lost yet again. THIS was the tipping point that got them to expedite my removal Arb and EEOC cases.

    It looks VERY bad for the District to have postal workers on Unemployment Compensation! It really fux with their PFP bonuses, etc. but anyway, as rare as it is, yeah, you CAN get approved for UC and I’m just one example. (They eventually removed the deranged employee but not until AFTER he threatened a manager. THAT disparate treatment got me a BIG check and fully “made whole” in an EEOC settlement) 🙂

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