U.S. Postal Service OIG Shutdown Plan updated for FY 2023

Brief summary of significant agency activities that will continue during a lapse:

The United States Postal Service does not cease operations during any Federal lapse in appropriations as it is funded through a permanent no-year appropriation. In contrast, the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) receives an annual appropriation which is derived from the Postal Service Fund and not the U.S. Treasury. The OIG’s annual appropriation is no-year funding. Therefore, if previously appropriated no-year funds are available, the OIG will continue operations during a lapse until such funds are depleted.

If funds are not available to continue operations during a lapse, OIG employees performing activities to protect life or property, including law enforcement activities required to ensure the continuity of investigations and prosecutions of entities/individuals that committed fraud and other crimes against the Postal Service’s programs and operations will continue on an excepted basis. Consistent with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance, ancillary support services will be maintained only to the extent necessary to support excepted operations.

Brief summary of significant agency activities that will cease during a lapse:

Under a lapse in appropriations, the OIG will cease all activities that are not designated as excepted functions, particularly those not reasonably necessary for the protection of life or property, including administrative support for general OIG operations, and others.

USPS OIG Updated Shutdown Plan for FY 2023

Source: USPS OIG

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