Trustifi Launches Secure Email Platform, a Federally Approved Digital Substitute to USPS Certified Mail

LAS VEGAS, March 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Trustifi announced today the national launch of its secure email platform, including a highly sought-after feature, Trustifi Postmarked Email®, which acts as a federally approved digital substitute to the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) certified mail. In addition to date/time and geo-based location tracking, the service offers several unique feature sets including encryption, two-factor authentication, and real-time “sensitive content review” of an email being drafted. It alerts the sender of any content (including the file names of attachments) with potentially sensitive data a user may want to examine before sending. Unlike most email encryption platforms, Trustifi Postmarked Email® is “certified” and can be used in legal proceedings or in court as evidence.

By using Trustifi, both organizations and consumers can easily send time-sensitive, confidential data via an encrypted email to a recipient (who does not have to have the service), for just pennies, and be alerted when it has been opened and read, by whom, where, and if the email was forwarded or printed. The encryption also continues throughout the forwarding and replies to the email. The secure feature includes two-factor authentication to assist with data loss prevention by confirming the correct recipient of the outgoing email. Trustifi offers four levels of services for consumers and small businesses: A Free Forever Trial; A Basic Plan for $5.99 a month and a Pro Plan for $13.99 a month. Enterprise pricing is based on size and use of the organization. The platform includes free plugins for Google Chrome and Microsoft Outlook. To view the pricing and benefits, please visit

According to, 269 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2017. In 2016, 197 million pieces of mail included USPS certified mail ® service. Fees for Certified Mail cost between $5.75 and $7.00 depending on whether you use an Electronic Signature PDF or a Return Receipt Green Card.

“In 1955 the U.S. Postal Service introduced Certified Mail and over 60 years later Trustifi is ushering in a secure, digital equivalent that will change how both consumers and businesses send and receive emails containing confidential and time-sensitive information,” said Trustifi CEO, Idan Udi Edry. “Trustifi Postmarked Email is a big step forward in encrypted email communications as it combines the legitimacy of the U.S. Postal Service’s certified mail with the latest security features and ease-of-use. The result is huge savings in time and money. Imagine receiving a secure certified email within minutes rather than the hours or days with traditional mail.”

Unlike several third-party email platforms today, which are provided by vendors who offer a litany of other products and services, Trustifi specializes in secure email, ensuring that this remains its focus and product line. The following are examples of what can be securely sent, received and certified via Trustifi.

  • Legal documents
  • Financial records
  • Confidential client information
  • Internal communications
  • Intellectual property
  • Employee information
  • Health records

“Email security is one of the most overlooked and underfunded aspects of the overall security market and Trustifi is looking to capitalize on that imbalance by ushering in a new military grade-email encryption platform that will change modern day digital communications,” said Rom Hendler, Director of Investment Strategy at Redhills Ventures. “Theft today is not just about robbing a house or stealing a car. For businesses, it’s corporate espionage and data theft. For consumers, it’s knowing when you are home or not, hacking into your wifi, accessing emails to steal your identity, and then getting into financial accounts, and stealing your digital identities. Trustifi is email insurance.”

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