Trustee Omar Gonzalez gives update on APWU Greater Los Angeles Area Local

Elected Officers finally take their Oath of Office 19 months after being elected. The Oath was administered by Greater L.A. Local 64 Trustee Omar Gonzalez.

STEWARDS MET to discuss the role of the Trustee and receive directives on the status of officers and the Local’s Constitution as well as accountability for proper representation of the membership. The Shop Stewards and Officers were informed that all must receive and successfully complete remedial training on the interpretation, application and enforcement of the contract. Trustee Omar Gonzalez informed those in attendance that all stewards and steward trainees will be given a chance to demonstrate they are committed to representing the interests of the membership. Those that fail to do so will face decertification.

MANAGEMENT MISREPRESENTED the Local’s status and falsely informed employees seeking representation that all stewards were decertified. That is NOT the case! The Trustee protested these actions of managers to the Pacific Area VP and L.A. District Manager. District Manager Reynosa responded “Unfortunately some bad information got out but we’ve got that addressed and the stewards should be able to move forward without any issues.” Trustee Omar Gonzalez advises any employee who was refused a steward to make sure to again request representation and if denied call (323) 750-0770.

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