Transgender employees at center of controversy over restroom at Pittsburgh PO

By Sheldon Ingram – November 10, 2015
PITTSBURGH ‚ÄĒ Members of the clerks union at the post office on the city’s North Side have voiced their concerns to management about transgender women using the ladies’ restroom.

osha_transgenderIt is a matter that drew the attention of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, under the Department of Labor.¬† OSHA issued rules that mandate transgender employees be allowed to use restrooms associate with their declared gender.¬† It says: “a person who identifies as a man should be permitted to use the men’s restroom and a person who identifies as a woman should be permitted to use the women’s restroom.”

None of the postal employees involved in the dispute would talk publicly but the dispute is confirmed by their respective unions, the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, representing the transgender women and the [American] Postal Workers Union, representing female employees.

“It is very common and we’re seeing more of it as the trans community comes out,” said Gary Van Horn, president of the Delta Foundation, which pushes for the quality of life for the LGBT community.

Van Horn says workplaces are becoming more adaptable based on lifestyle changes and gender identity with employees.

“Architecture has changed a lot, and families have changed a lot. That’s why we’re seeing those types of restrooms,” Van Horn said.


The post office now has gender neutral restrooms and transgender women are still allowed to use a women’s restroom.

Source: Transgender employees at center of controversy over restroom at North Side post office | Local News – WTAE Home

A Guide to Restroom Access for Transgender Workers
OSHA – June 2015

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