Video: Toms River, NJ, Letter Carrier helps return lost dog

Remy the pitbull puppy has a Postal Service employee to thank for reuniting him with his owner after he swam away from home.

The pup later became stuck in a muddy marsh where he stayed for hours until being discovered by kayakers.

Toms River, NJ, Letter Carrier Al Font, a 16-year USPS veteran, came upon the rescue effort while on his route and recognized Remy as the dog described on a poster he’d just seen.  Font then called Remy’s owner, who came to the scene.

“He said, ‘God bless you, thank you so much for doing what you did,’” Font told the local ABC station. The letter carrier believes he was in the right place at the right time. “It was fate,” he said.

Font is no stranger to rescues. In 2012, he pulled a woman out of a fiery car moments before it exploded.

Source: USPS News Link

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